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    Stoop Law is a for-profit law firm that grapples with the fall out of modern urban planning policy, which often undercuts the rights of individuals, community institutions, property owners, and workers, in order to create smooth running processes that benefit some entities but can cause harm to the lives and livelihoods of everyday residents.


    The common thread in many of Stoop Law's cases is a rejection of legally guaranteed procedures in favor of rapidity and ease of policy execution. Stoop Law works with large groups, small groups, community based institutions, and individuals.  

    Stoop Law's mission is to protect and advance community. Through our advocacy  Stoop Law has been at the forefront of the fight for more equitable urban policy.  Stoop Law's presence in the marketplace has inspired more accountability in government agency decision-making and in business transactions.  Stoop Law clients have benefitted from this history by way of monetary settlements and vindicated rights.


Mr. Theresa has appeared before the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Superior Court, and the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. 

Mr. Theresa is licensed to practice law in DC, Maryland and the District of Columbia U.S. District Court.

Stoop Law's notable cases include (click links for Judicial Opinion and/or Plaintiffs' Complaint) :

Barry Farm Tenants and Allies Association v. District of Columbia Zoning Commission

C.A.R.E. v. Department of Housing and Community Development 

Friends of McMillan Park v. District of Columbia Zoning Commission


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Aristotle "Ari" Theresa

Tel: 202-651-1148

Aristotle "Ari" Theresa is a Civil Rights attorney focusing on Administrative Law, including Zoning Commission cases and Charter School closure cases. He is principal partner of Stoop Law which is located in the Anacostia neighborhood of Southeast Washington DC. He is a 4th generation resident that graduated from Howard University School of Law in 2010. 

Mr. Theresa is Vice-Chair of Marion Barry-Kim Dickens Kidney Donation Foundation. And is a member of the Ward 8 Economic Development Council.

He has appeared on WJLA, NPR, WAMU (88.5), WPFW (89.3), Radio Sputnik (105.5), and has served as a panelist for:

"Creative (In)equality : Creative Class Conflict and Cooperation", a Public Anthropology Conference at American University.

"Urban Transformations", Metropolitan Policy Center of American University.

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Tel:  202-651-1148


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